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The team at New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center is dedicated to providing you, our customer, with the highest quality of service to meet all your pharmaceutical needs. It is our commitment to the community to offer top quality prescription drugs at affordable retail prices, all custom made for your specific needs. With our consultation and medication review process we can guarantee you will receive a well-rounded personalized experience. Our efforts don’t stop there, see the other services offered by New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center and learn about how we can help you.

  • Special Packaging - EfficientRX is an easy, convenient and free service that promotes medication adherence and compliance.
  • Free Home/ Office Delivery - For your convenience get your medications delivered straight to your home or office. Sign-up for our delivery services now!
  • Pharmacy CompoundingThe future of medicine. With the help of highly trained pharmacists and prescription medication experts, New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center is able to customize prescriptions based on individual needs; such as, adjusting dosage strengths, removing certain ingredients to eliminate allergic reactions and medication flavoring.
  • Memory CareWith the help of EfficientRX, New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center is able to provide an efficient treatment plan for memory impaired patients. We also carry many of the highly recommended supplies onsite for your convenience.
  • Hospice CareNew Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center hopes to make a positive contribution in the lives of our community’s hospice patients. Our pharmacy offers specialized medication to treat chronic pain and acute symptoms related to life-limiting illnesses.
  • Physical TherapyNew Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center offers a large assortment of mobility aids many of which are used in physical therapy. We also cater to prosthetic fittings and mobility assistive equipment adjustments onsite.
  • Weight LossWorking hard to lose weight but you could use a little help? Our pharmacists are available for consultation to help you plan a customized weight loss journey.
  • Veterinarian ServiceWe also work alongside many of our communities veterinarians, providing their offices with quality prescription medications. New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center also offers these services for at home treatment.