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Veterinarian Service

New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center not only helps to improve your health and quality of life, we are also passionate about tending to your beloved family pets as well. That’s right, we aren’t just a typical drugstore; we offer pet medications and supplies. New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center’s specialty pharmacy technicians work alongside our community’s veterinarian offices by providing them with basic pet care medications as well as, specialty compounded medications. The process of compounding medications is crucial to veterinarian treatment because it enables us to treat particular illnesses, and by allowing us to craft customized prescriptions for specific animals. New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center is dedicated to ensuring our community and their pets are living healthy and at a reasonable cost.

New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center has many services to offer pet owners and veterinarians. Some of these services offered include but are not limited to:

  • Flavored Medication
  • Recreating Commercially Discontinued Meds
  • Altered dosages strengths (for a variety of sizes of animals)
  • Altering dosage forms