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Pharmacy Compounding

New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center is equipped with the top of the line pharmacy compounding equipment on the market. Our expertly trained staff and professional onsite pharmacists utilize these tools in our pharmacy compounding process. After your personal consultation, our staff will work alongside your preferred healthcare provider to review your medication routine and develop a tailored-fit plan according to your individual needs.

 The Demand for Compound Pharmacy products is on the raise. Unlike the common neighborhood Pharmacies, we at New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center are able to mix, alter and/or create any prescriptions, a service currently not available anywhere else on the market.

There are many benefits to compound pharmacy medications. These are just a few reasons you should consider switching from general pharmacies:

  • Personalized experience: New Dimension Pharmacy and Compounding Center is able to provide you with a more personalized experience because we are working directly with you and your doctors to meet you concerns and healthcare needs.
  • Adjusted dosage strength: We calibrate the strength and dosage of a drug or a prescription in order to provide you with a customized prescription that is compatible with other medications and satisfies your needs.
  • Allergic Reactions: We replace or remove certain ingredients in a drug so the patient will be able to still take the prescription by diffusing or removing the allergen.
  • Medication Flavoring: Any flavor or taste that is not favorable to the patient can also be altered or replaced to make the medication easier to take and more appealing.